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   Thank you for choosing Natural Elements Nail Spa! Our mission is to provide you the healthiest alternative to nail care. From the moment you walk in, you will instantly experience the difference! The founders, Theresa & Lynn, have consciously & carefully chosen specific eco-friendly products and services to nourish your being, while giving you peace of mind during your serene visits. Our holistic approach is geared to embrace each of your senses:

Smell: Aromatherapy fills the air, breathe & enjoy. No use of harsh chemicals here!

Taste: Enjoy a hot cup of herbal tea, fresh coffee, or cold spring water.

Sight: Check out our retail displays, take home some of our favorite all natural products to use between visits!

Touch: Our experienced hands will pamper yours, from hot towels to reflexology, while sparing you from harmful UV rays & cancer causing ingredients.

Sound: Enjoy the relaxing water flow sounds, along with soft, hip music.

Our Salon

   You can rest assured to be free of air pollution here! Our ventilation system at each station is the best of its kind, & our indoor plant life will enhance your air quality, along with a daily diffusion of Young Living essential oils to dance on your soul. Always expect the perks of our in-house creations such as all natural sugar scrubs, pedicure bath soaks, lotions, & oils, all infused with essential oils & sourced from organic apothecaries. We strive on sanitation, therefore you will have your very own set of nail supplies that we will store here for you! Take note of the small details that limit our waste, and keep our earth clean! You will find very little plastic items & lots of eco-friendly movements. Your love for our space is necessary to make bigger changes share the  love! Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Offer your kind words & reviews, we would be so grateful! We have special pricing for large groups, or birthday parties for ages 6 & up.

We look forward to servicing you!

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